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Wonder how plants bring forth therapeutic effects? Incredibly significant, right? It is based on science and, yes, human nature as well. Plants clean our air, help us focus at work, and spark our sense of creativity. Moreover, they also have potent benefits in the body, mind, and soul. Let Lawn care near me like Landscapers Henderson, NV, do the services for you. They will beautify your lawn and add plants beneficial to your landscape, to you and your family.

Having landscaping services bringing in therapeutic effects of plants:

Relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression

Nowadays, many are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and even depression. How sad! It would be best if you were a “plantita” and a “plantito”. I mean, be a lover of nature, be a p[lant lover! Taking care and handling our plants reminds you of our connection to nature, and this connection helps you better see things in a “huge picture” kind of way.

Furthermore, there is a physiological tie-up between nature and your cerebral activity.  There was once a study in which participants who walked through the woods experienced lower levels of rumination and lowered activity in areas of the brain related to mental illness. This study serves as a guide to the landscapers to see, and indeed, give importance to plants.

Working as anti-stressors

For the past decades, it has been scientifically proven that working with plants lowers our cortisol levels: may it be tending to your outdoor garden or your indoor greenery, having contact with nature to some extent helps us feel more relaxed, snug, and at ease in our environment. Take this instance, for example, a particular group of people working with a computer versus working with (namely, repotting) indoor plants. Results showed that the group of people tasked with the plants felt more soothed, comfortable, and having natural or lighter feelings than those who worked on the computer. Furthermore, working on computers, radiation is inevitable. However, if you work on plants, most of them absorb radiation. Radiation has a malevolent contribution to our health and to our overall being. This leads to stress. On the other hand, plants alleviate stress.

Feeling good is what they make us.

Did you ever wonder that even touching the soil of plants can release serotonin in the brain? Indeed, true— plant-soil curb a particular bacteria that act in similar ways to most prescription anti-depressants. Studies showed that touching soil could release serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. According to science, to sum up, the difference between serotonin and dopamine: 

Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that regulate similar bodily functions yet bring out dissimilar effects.

Dopamine serves to regulate mood and muscle movement and plays an essential role in the brain’s pleasure and reward systems. Dopamine is mostly stored in the brain while serotonin houses mostly in the gut, regulating mood, body temperature, and appetite. The neurotransmitter, either serotonin or dopamine, having too much or too little, may cause physical and psychological symptoms.

Plants are amazing! Let your landscaping company do the honors to procure plants; they have therapeutic effects. Let Landscapers Henderson, NV, bring forth that therapeutic goodness in your mind, body, and soul. Contact them now!